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Life in unpredictable. Luckily you can prepare to face most of the possible accidents. That is the reason why Teknosafe was establised in 1981: to secure everyone’s good life at work, home and leisure.

For us safety means life-saving safety equipment, safe steps at work, automation that helps in case of emergency. And most of all know-how that helps to avoid life threatening occasions in good time before the accidents.

We appreciate long-lasting, loyal partnerships and we are very happy to say that we have many partners who share the same values.

Only the best

It has always been important to walk in the first row. We deliver highly trusted products and expertise in service.

Our heart is in Imatra in the south-eastern part of Finland but we work nationally and internationally. This guarantees that we work responsibly, sustainably and constantly developingly. We promise a lot but this promise is the most important: we at Teknosafe do everything to make tomorrow safer than today.

Because safety lives at us.

Our webpages show our products and services in Finnish. In case of any questions, either on products or ourselves, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you!

Teknosafe Oy
Tiedonkatu 4
FIN-55420 Imatra

Tel. +358 5 680 7700